Yoga Wheel – Benefits for Your Practice Yoga has become a constantly evolving and changing practice. There are many types of yoga, so each practitioner can choose the one that best suits his lifestyle and personality. Yoga accessories were created out of the need for practitioners to adapt certain positions to suit each person’s needs.

The yoga wheel is one of the most versatile accessories for yoga, one that you will fall in love with once you discover all the benefits it has on mobility, muscles and fitness in general.

If you want to introduce the yoga wheel in your practice, we recommend that you start by discovering the many positions in which you can use it. Below are two very useful tutorials created by Romanian yoga instructors who use Loop Yoga Wheel:

We have prepared for you a list of the main benefits that the yoga wheel can bring you:

Relieves back pain

Back pain is a problem for many of us. The yoga wheel is a reliable help in relieving these pains. It helps you stretch your back muscles and relax the blockages and gives you a pleasant and beneficial massage when you make light movements on it. We recommend that you introduce the wheel to your practice, especially since you spend most of your day in an office chair, most likely in the wrong position.

It helps you maintain difficult positions

Maybe you have been practicing yoga for a while and find that certain postures are still quite challenging. The yoga wheel helps you when you need to adjust difficult postures and keep them comfortable for a long time. It can be postures where you lie on your back, inversions and many other difficult postures.

It helps you increase flexibility and muscle strength

The yoga wheel helps you to progress with confidence and ease in your practice. And if you use it consistently, you will gain more flexibility and muscle strength will increase. You can also use the wheel for yoga during more intense workouts, bringing more difficulty to simple postures.

Improves body balance

When you practice certain positions, regardless of their level of difficulty, there is a chance that you will lose your balance. Many novice practitioners have difficulty maintaining balance. The yoga wheel can help when you need more support. The wheel takes on some of your body weight and helps you regain your balance.

It is perfect for inversions

The yoga wheel gives you the support you need to make your investments with confidence and maximum safety. If you practice the inverted positions and it would help you a little, then you can rely on the yoga wheel. It takes up some of your body weight and supports you in balance like a wall.

It develops your abdominal muscles

To maintain yoga postures for a long time, you need a strong abdomen. The abdominal muscles are also important for protecting the spine and back. The yoga wheel can help you maintain the postures you need to develop your abdominal muscles for longer.

So, you have a lot of reasons to add this extremely useful and versatile accessory to your yoga practice. Order the yoga wheel from our website, integrate it with confidence in a creative way in your practice and you will be able to enjoy all the above benefits: loop-yoga-wheel / Namaste!

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