Yoga Mattress – How to Choose the Right Mattress
Have you started practicing yoga recently or are you already advanced in this wonderful practice? Regardless of your level, a professional yoga mat helps you to have a safe and comfortable practice and motivates you to progress with confidence and ease.

Whether you are practicing yoga at home or attending a yoga studio, it is important to have your own yoga mat. About the reasons why it is good to always practice on your personal mattress, I wrote in another article on our blog. You can find it here.

Having the right yoga mat makes an important difference in your practice. When choosing your new yoga mat, it is good to keep in mind some basic features.

PU yoga mat, Microfiber, natural cork
Yoga mattress thickness and size
The thickness of the yoga mat directly directly influences the comfort you will have, but also the stability during the practice. Although you may think that a very thick mattress is more comfortable, this is not true when practicing yoga. On the contrary, too thick a mattress lowers your stability. And when you do yoga, unlike fitness or other floor exercises, you need very good stability on the mattress and good contact with the ground. A thickness of 3.5 mm ensures the comfort of your knees and protects your wrists. To combine maximum comfort with optimal stability, we recommend a mattress up to 4.5 mm thick. So, if you practice yoga especially at home, you can choose a yoga mat from the Loop All-in-One range or from the Loop PRO range.

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If you are used to traveling a lot or prefer to practice outdoors, in nature, when going to the mountains, the sea or the park, then we recommend a 1.5 mm thick mattress. The Loop Travel variant is the lightest and most portable mattress, it is thin and foldable. You carry it lightly on your shoulder and it fits in any luggage. You can also use it on top of the yoga mat in the studio you frequent.

The size of the mattress is important when you want to enjoy enough space during your practice. The mattresses with a size of 183 x 61 cm provide the optimal space for most practitioners, and the mattresses in the Loop PRO range have a size of 187 x 68 cm, thus being a perfect option for any height.

Yoga mattress material
Most cheap mattresses are made of PVC or TPE, materials that come from plastic. In addition to the fact that these materials are toxic to the human body, they are totally unfriendly to nature, and their quality is questionable. Their surface is slippery, they do not absorb moisture, they become more slippery the more you sweat and they are not resistant over time.

If you want to have a yoga practice in harmony with nature and choose a skin-friendly material, we recommend that you opt only for mattresses made of natural materials – natural rubber, natural cork, recyclable microfiber. Sustainably designed yoga mats are environmentally friendly, and the natural materials are much more durable and durable.

Loop All-In-One yoga mats are made only from dense natural rubber and premium recyclable microfiber. This material works as a non-stick towel, which absorbs moisture and ensures ideal stability in all conditions. The material is also very comfortable and ensures optimal cushioning.

cork yoga mat and natural rubber

The combination of natural rubber and natural cork is the best option for a 100% hygienic, stable and comfortable practice. Natural cork has natural anti-microbial, anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties and is very adherent and pleasant to the touch.

The mattresses in the Loop PRO range have a thick layer of natural rubber and a non-stick layer of ecological polyurethane. They do not contain truths, silicone or other toxic substances that are found in most mattresses on the market and are the most adherent version for a yoga mat.

Yoga Mattress Design
In addition to the stability, support and comfort it provides you, a yoga mat is a real source of inspiration in your practice. Now you can choose for yourself a beautiful yoga mat, with a design that fits perfectly with your personality and lifestyle. When you look at a mattress that you like every day, you will be much more motivated to practice it with pleasure. You can choose your favorite color and pattern so that every time you step on the mattress, you can fully enjoy the experience.

Yoga mattress made of microfiber and natural rubber

A suitable yoga mat is a very long-term investment that will bring you a lot of benefits. If you need more advice, we can help you choose the yoga mat that best suits your practice. Just write us a message on our Facebook page, on our Instagram account or write us an email and we will be happy to guide you. Namaste!

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